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Jura A-C-E-F-S-X-GIGA Thermoblock Outlet Valve
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Original spare part, 4Bar, ready to install, including two required o rings 4x2mm for the connected hoses.

It is positioned in various locations depending on the model.
There is a spring and rod connection inside the outlet valve. This mechanism contains a gasket, as well as, a rubber top on the plastic rod.

suitable for all models listed below:

CaFamosa CF150, CaFamosa CF300, CaFamosa CF400, CaFamosa CF500


Benvenuto TCA54F9 - classic, Benvenuto TCA5201 - classic, Benvenuto TCA5202 - classic, Benvenuto TCA5401 - classic, Benvenuto TCA5601 - venezia, Benvenuto TCA5608 - venezia
Benvenuto TCA5802 - classic, Benvenuto TCA5809 - classic

A5 Impressa, A7, A9 Impressa, C5 Impressa, C9 Impressa, C50 Impressa, C55 Impressa, C60 Impressa, C65 Impressa, C70 Impressa, C75 Impressa, C90 Impressa,
C Limited Edition Impressa, D6, D60, E6, E10 Impressa, E20 Impressa, E25 Impressa, E60 ab 2015, E80 Impressa, E85 Impressa, ENA 3, ENA 5, ENA 7, ENA 8, ENA 9, ENA Micro 8, ENA Micro 9, ENA Micro 90, ENA X1, F5 Impressa, F7 Impressa, F8 Impressa, F9 ab 2015, F9 Impressa, F50 Classic Impressa, F50 Impressa, F55 Classic Impressa, F60 Impressa, F70 Impressa, F85 Impressa, F90 Impressa, F900 Expert, Giga 5, Giga W3, Giga X3, Giga X3c, Giga X7, Giga X7c, Giga X8, Giga X8c, Giga X9, Giga X9c, S7 Avantgarde Impressa, S9 Avantgarde Impressa S9 Impressa, S9 One Touch Impressa, S90 Impressa, S95 Impressa, WE6, X6, X8, X90 Impressa, X95 Impressa, XF50 Impressa, XF70 Impressa, XS9 Classic Impressa, XS90 Impressa, XS90 One Touch Aroma+ Impressa, XS90 One Touch Impressa, XS95 Impressa, XS95 One Touch Aroma+ Impressa, XS95 One Touch Impressa, Z6, Z8


Orchestro FNF1, Orchestro FNF2, Orchestro FNF5, XP 9000

Caffeo Bistro E960, Caffeo Gourmet E965, Caffeo Lattea E955, Caffeo Solo E953, Caffeo Solo E957

CM 5000, CM 5100, CM 5200, CVA 4060, CVA 4080, CVA 4085, CVA 5060, CVA 5065, CVA 5068, CM 5000, CM 5100, CM 5200, CVA 4060, CVA 4080, CVA 4085, CVA 5060, CVA 5065, CVA 5068, CVA 6401, CVA 6405, CVA 6800, CVA 6805, CVA 6401, CVA 6405, CVA 6800, CVA 6805

CafeRomatica NICR 605, CafeRomatica NICR 610, CafeRomatica NICR 620, CafeRomatica NICR 620 Limited, CafeRomatica NICR 630, CafeRomatica NICR 635 Edition, CafeRomatica NICR 650
CafeRomatica NICR 710, CafeRomatica NICR 720, CafeRomatica NICR 725, CafeRomatica NICR 730, CafeRomatica NICR 735 Jubilee, CafeRomatica NICR 740, CafeRomatica NICR 745, CafeRomatica NICR 750, CafeRomatica NICR 765, CafeRomatica NICR 770

Surpresso TK54F09 - compact, Surpresso TK52001 - compact, Surpresso TK52002 - compact, Surpresso TK54001 - compact, Surpresso TK56001 - titanium, Surpresso TK58001 - compact

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5 100
Silicone grease 6g for o-rings and seals
Silicone grease 6g for o-rings and seals
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Silicone grease 6g for ...

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