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Coffee Cleaner Descaler and Milk Cream Cleaner Set
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Special descaler:

This decalcifier is ideal for automatic coffee machines, espresso machines, filter coffee machines, steam cleaners and other small appliances. This decalcifier not only dissolves the lime but also dissolves it. This prevents blockages caused by lime residues in the narrow lines of various coffee machines.
Highly compatible with materials

Milk Cleaner:

Quick, reliable and easy cleaning of all milk-carrying parts of your coffee machine, cream dispenser ice cream or soft ice cream machine. Cleaning the milk froth nozzle, hoses and milk container. This cleaner removes milk stone, milk fats, milk residues and dirt from your machines and at the same time acts as a disinfectant. In the commercial area has long been part of the daily cleaning. Simple dosage thanks to bottle with integrated dosing chamber.

Coffee Cleaning Tabs:

For the cleaning program of the coffee machines such as Jura, Delonghi, Saeco, Miele, Nivona, etc. ideally suited.
These cleaning tablets dissolve coffee residues such as coffee grease - coffee oil, from all coffee-leading components of your coffee machine, coffee machine, espresso machines and vending machines, which settle there over the course of time and enforce. To extend the life of your equipment, we recommend regular use. The coffee machine cleaning tablets are suitable for the cleaning of all the above-mentioned devices in the gastro and private sector.

Scope of delivery:

1x 750ml RDS special descaler liquid yellow
1x 1000ml RDS milk foam cleaner
1x 100 pieces (a 2g / 15mm) coffee machines cleaning tabs

Ingredients Decalcifier:

Amidosulfonic acid 5- 15%
Maleic acid 5-10%
Citric acid below 5%
Content: 750 ml

Ingredients Milk foam cleaner

Phosphates 5-15%
nonionic surfactants <5%
cationic surfactants <5%
organic and inorganic acids.
Content: 1Liter


Ingredients Coffee Makers Cleaning Tabs:

Organic peroxides 10-15%, soda 10-20%,
Citric acid 5-15%, non-ionic surfactant (<1%),
Content: 100 cleaning tablets

Read the operating instructions of the manufacturer.
Made in germany and produced in accordance of european directives.

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