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Professional Liquid Descaler and Milk Cream Cleaner Set
Professional Liquid Descaler and Milk Cream Cleaner Set
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This professional descaler has been optimally adapted to descale all kinds of coffee machines, espresso machines, filter coffee machines, steam cleaners and other small appliances. The ingredients are tailored to the compatibility of these devices. Optimal for descaling Jura, DeLonghi, Saeco, Nivona and other  full automated coffee machines with descaling programs. The Descaler can be used until it is almost colorless, before it loses its effect. Professional decalcifiers combine a high efficiency with the best possible material compatibility.

Properties of the descaler:

yielding 8-10 applications
removes lime, scale, mineral
Encrustations, metal oxides without predissolving
excellent material compatibility
no aggressive vapors
decalcifies even when cold
decalcified based on organic acids


Quick, reliable and easy cleaning of all milk-carrying parts of your coffee machine, cream dispenser, ice cream or soft ice cream machine and more. Cleaning the milk froth nozzle, hoses and milk container. This cleaner removes milk stone, milk fats, milk residues and dirt from your machines and at the same timeit it acts disinfectant. Simple dosage - bottle with integrated dosing chamber. You only need 10ml per cleaning.

Scope of delivery:
2x 750ml Professional descaler with red indicator
1x 1000ml Milk and Cream Cleaner

Read the operating instructions of the manufacturer.
Made in germany and produced in accordance of european directives.

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