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Thermoblock 1400W 230V for Jura Impressa and ENA Coffee Machines
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Thermoblock for jura, new version 1400W, 230V

Water heater for the Jura models C, E, F, ENA 3/5/7/9, XF 50/70 and XS 9/90/95

Heating element new version (without connectors)

NOTE: Does not have a screw thread in the middle of the thermoblock.
Grease the screw and carefully screw it into the aluminum block.

Scope of delivery: as shown, without connections

for Jura:

Impressa C5
Impressa C50
Impressa C55
Impressa C60
Impressa C65
Impressa C70
Impressa C75
Impressa C9
Impressa C90

Impressa E10
Impressa E20
Impressa E25
Impressa E30
Impressa E40
Impressa E45
Impressa E5
Impressa E50
Impressa E55
Impressa E60
Impressa E65
Impressa E70
Impressa E74
Impressa E75
Impressa E80
Impressa E85
Impressa F5
Impressa F50
Impressa F50 Classic
Impressa F55 Classic
Impressa F70
Impressa F9
Impressa F90
Impressa S9 One Touch
Impressa XF50
Impressa XF50 Classic
Impressa XF70
Impressa XS9
Impressa XS90 One Touch
Impressa XS95 One Touch

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5 100
Jura A-C-E-F-S-X-GIGA Thermoblock Outlet Valve
Jura A-C-E-F-S-X-GIGA Thermoblock Outlet Valve

Jura A-C-E-F-S-X-GIGA T...

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