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Arabica Coffee Bean Swiss Style 1000g
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Highland coffee from the best growing areas, Schümli coffee roasted the Swiss way. The finest aroma in the cup, noble, strong and very aromatic in taste, sharp crema, low in acid and bitter substances. 100% Arabica, special bean blend for fully automatic coffee machines.

Swiss-style means slow and careful roasting,
to elicit every taste nuance from the coffee bean.
A fine noble mixture that convinces all along the line.

After opening, store your coffee in a cool, airtight,
opaque container or in the refrigerator.

Scope of delivery:
1x 1000g coffee beans in a flavor pack

suitable for:
All fully automatic coffee machines with integrated grinder

Ingredients: roasted coffee, whole beans
Roasting: drum roasting, medium roasting

Bean variety: 100% Arabica

Flavor: full-bodied, strong

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