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DELONGHI Heater Sensor Thermostat Seal Water Tubes for Coffee Machine
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Repair Kit for De`Longhi Steam generation.
Complete Kit with Heater 1000 W, PTFE Water Tubes, Temperatur Sensor, Thermostats 318°C, 6g Silicone Grease and Seals/O-Rings included.

Original parts

Scope of delivery:
1x heater for steam 1000 watts
2x thermostat 318°C
1x temperature sensor
2x PTFE Water Tube with connectors for Heater
2x O-ring PTFE Water Tubes
1x 1 Tube with 6g of silicone grease, food safe

Suitable for De`Longhi:

ECAM 22.360.B Kaffeevollautomat
ECAM 22.360.S Kaffeevollautomat
ECAM 22.366.B Magnifica Cappuccino S
ECAM 22.366.S Magnifica Cappuccino S
ECAM 23.450.B EX:3 Cappuccino
ECAM 23.460.B Kaffeevollautomat
ECAM 23.463.B Kaffeevollautomat
ECAM 23.466.B Cappuccino
ECAM 23.466.S Cappuccino
ECAM 24.450.S Cappuccino
ECAM 24.467.S Cappuccino
ECAM 25.452.B Cappuccino
ECAM 25.452.S Cappuccino
ECAM 25.457.B Cappuccino
ECAM 25.457.S Cappuccino
ECAM 25.462.B Kaffeevollautomat
ECAM 25.467.B Kaffeevollautomat
ECAM 26.455.BLB PrimaDonna S De Luxe
ECAM 26.455.B PrimaDonna S De Luxe
ECAM 26.455.BWB PrimaDonna S De Luxe
ECAM 26.455.C PrimaDonna S De Luxe
ECAM 26.455.GRB PrimaDonna S De Luxe
ECAM 26.455.GYB PrimaDonna S De Luxe

ECAM 26.455.MB PrimaDonna S De Luxe
ECAM 26.455.M PrimaDonna S
ECAM 26.455.RB PrimaDonna
ECAM 26.455.WB PrimaDonna S De Luxe
ECAM 26.455.YEB PrimaDonna
ECAM 28.465.AZ PrimaDonna S Vintage
ECAM 28.465.BG PrimaDonna S Vintage
ECAM 28.465.MB PrimaDonna S
ECAM 28.465.M PrimaDonna S
ECAM 28.466.MB PrimaDonna S
ECAM 28.466.M PrimaDonna S de luxe
ECAM 28.467.B PrimaDonna S
ECAM 44.660.B Eletta Cappuccino
ECAM 45.326.S Eletta Plus
ECAM 45.366.B Eletta Cappuccino
ECAM 45.366.S Eletta
ECAM 45.366.W Eletta Cappuccino
ECAM 45.760 W Eletta Cappuccino
ECAM 45.766.B Eletta Cappuccino
ECAM 45.766.W Eletta Cappuccino
ECAM 350.35.SB Dinamica
ECAM 350.35.W Dinamica
ECAM 350.55.B Dinamica
ECAM 350.75.S Dinamica
ECAM 352.55.SB Dinamica
ECAM 370.85.SB Dinamica Plus
ECAM 370.95.S Dinamica Plus
ECAM 370.95.T Dinamica Plus
ECAM 510.55.M PrimaDonna S Evo
ECAM 550.55.SB PrimaDonna
ECAM 556.55.MS PrimaDonna Class
ECAM 556.55.SB PrimaDonna Class
ECAM 556.55.W PrimaDonna Class
ECAM 556.75.MS PrimaDonna Class
ECAM 650.55.MS PrimaDonna Elite
ECAM 650.75.MS PrimaDonna Elite
ECAM 656.55.MS PrimaDonna Elite
ECAM 656.75.MS PrimaDonna Elite
ECAM 656.85.MS PrimaDonna Elite

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