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ARS Invensys CP4/ST 230V 50Hz 48W Water Pump for Krups Coffee Machines
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ARS Invensys CP4 ST 230V 50Hz 70W Water Pump for Krups Coffee Machine.
Connection inlet hose connection Ø 6,5mm
Connection output 1/8 "
Max. Pressure 20 bar +/- 15% (self-priming)
Max. Delivery volume 600 cm3 / min +/- 10% (self-priming)
Insulation class: class II
Max. Temperature medium 60 ° C
Max. Temperature environment 80 ° C
Max. Switch-on time 40% ED 1min on / 1,5min off
Power 70 watts
Pumped media Water, no corrosive / abrasive media
Voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz (~ AC)

Scope of supply:

1 x water pump ARS / Invensys CP4 brand new

1x O Ring for the pump output

Suitable for:



Orchestro F889
Orchestro F890
Orchestro F892
Orchestro FNF1
Orchestro FNF2
Orchestro FNF5
Siziliana F860
Toscana F860

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