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Grinder unit for AEG Coffee Machine
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Grinder for all AEG Coffee Machines listet below.

Important Information:

All new grinders were adjusted by the manufacturer to set up the right grain size of coffee, thereby residues of coffee powder can be found in all grinder units. The optimal position (center position grinding degree) is marked with paint on the top of the grinder.
These residues of coffee powder are no reason for complaints. The grinders are new.


Scope of delivery:

1x grinder unit completely new as shown

Suitable for AEG:

CaFamosa CF80
CaFamosa CF81
CaFamosa CF85
CaFamosa CF90
CaFamosa CF95
CaFamosa CF100
CaFamosa CF120
CaFamosa CF150
CaFamosa CF200
CaFamosa CF300
CaFamosa CF400
CaFamosa CF500

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